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Frequently Asked Questions


BodyShape is the perfect DETOX program which helps increase circulation in the lower part of the body, in turn this releases toxins in order to reduce stubborn storage FAT. We encourage our clients to continue regular exercise and to eat a healthy balanced diet whilst partaking in our program.


In your first 2 treatments you will experience smooth soft skin, toilet habits may change a little as BodyShape helps rid of fluid retention, energy levels will increase, a slight headache may occur which is the result of toxins being released and by the 3rd treatment you should be noticing changes to your body particularly the hips, lowers legs and upper waist.


  • Loss of unwanted inches from the waist down
  • Skin becomes smooth and toned
  • Remove the body of toxins
  • Accelerates your metabolism
  • Boost energy, fitness and vitality
  • Improves your overall physical condition


Our program recommends that BodyShape is carried out on alternate days, 2-3 times per week (depending on how active you currently are). Treatments are purchased in packages starting From $199 which includes 6 x 30 min BodyShape treatments.


Eat a light meal 1 hour prior to using BodyShape or a small piece of fruit 30 mins prior. During the treatment you should drink 0.5 litres of water. No complex carbohydrates are to be consumed after the treatment, we recommend a high protein low fat snack or meal for best results.


Suitable clothing includes, loose fitting yoga pants, shorts or tights, T-shirt top or singlet and socks & sports shoes. Bring a small towel and water bottle. Read a novel, magazine, surf your ipad or iphone or watch a DVD in house whilst you work out.


If you have a medical condition or are taking any kind of medication please contact our studio to discuss if you are able to continue with our program. If you are pregnant, have a heart, circulatory, metabolic, muscular, skeletal or bone condition you will not be able to proceed with BodyShape.


Our Studio is a boutique Body transformation studio which specialises in a lifestyle change. We are not doctors, nor do we possess a degree in nutrition. The advice we give is based on years of practical experience and dealing with the needs of our own health and physiques as well as the needs of others. Any recommendations we may discuss regarding diet, including, supplements and herbal or nutritional treatments should be discussed with your doctor if you feel the need.

Studio Hours: Mon to Thurs 9am to 7pm and Fri & Sat 9am to 1pm (Appointment Only)

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